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Our team includes: Legal consultant, tax consultant, financial consultant, accountants, recruiters, account manager and company president

BKconsulting sp. z oo was created as a result of many years of study, work, perseverance, vision and ideas and, above all, the support of two B&K friends. At first, our dreams seemed far away, but now we know that we are on the right path to our goal. Despite the ups and downs, we are moving forward with a growing team of employees and a base of satisfied customers.

With our experience and knowledge, we want to ensure the satisfaction of every person and company associated with BK Consulting.

We studied, we practised, we gained experience and… now, in the prime of life, we offer our services.

We serve companies of all sizes. Companies of all types and individual entrepreneurs. We will help you optimize your workflow and convert it to digital format. Thanks to our experience, you will put financial documents into circulation and organize access to them. We provide services in English and Russian.

“In an era where two plus two is no longer four, we will help you navigate the ever-changing world of taxes, litigation and credit transactions. We know this world in practice, having lived in it for many years. We have already seen a lot and will see a lot more. You can come to us, sit with us and tell us what your difficulties are and what you need.” – said Beata Niedżwiedzka, president of BK consulting

Beata Niedżwiedzka – President of the Board of BK Consulting sp. z.oo

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