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The main aim of our law firm is the provision of comprehensive legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs and all other entities, including in the field of:

Civil Law

– legal services related to real estate
– ownership and other property rights, protection of property rights, transfer and acquisition of property rights
– relations between co-owners, liquidation of joint ownership
– inheritance, division of inheritance
– division of property
– perpetual use
– easements
– contractual relations, fulfillment of obligations, consequences of non-fulfillment of obligations
– civil law contracts, drafting and verification


Family Law

– divorce, separation
– alimony
– child custody
– property regimes

insurance Law

– management of property and personal damage cases
– damages, compensation, pensions
– property insurance
– individual insurance

Our law firm is also very efficient in handling damages for people injured in road traffic accidents, both pre-trial and in court. In the same area, we also deal with cases of compensation for damages to patients in case of medical errors. We participate in negotiations with doctors and medical institutions.

Economic and Commercial law

– contracts between entrepreneurs, drafting and reviewing contracts for entrepreneurs
– negotiating contracts
– establishing and registering legal entities, in particular: companies, associations
– commercial law firms, ongoing advice and maintenance
– services for legal entities
– permanent or special services for entrepreneurs
– legal services for construction processes
– civil partnerships

Agricultural Law

– preparation and submission of opinions on contracts for agricultural activities
– legal assistance in proceedings before the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, the Agricultural Property Agency and the Agricultural Market Agency

Banking Law

– drawing up and providing opinions on banking agreements and regulations
– legal assistance in matters related to the activities of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority
– permanent and special services to banks

Transport Law

– drafting and analysis of transport and forwarding contracts and documents
– transport insurance, compensation procedures

Cooperative Law

– permanent and special services for housing cooperatives
– representation of interests of organizations in housing cooperatives

Labor Law

labor relations, employment contracts
– representation of the interests of the employer before employees
– representation of the interests of employees before employers

If necessary, a meeting is possible at the client’s premises or in any other convenient place.

We provide services to our clients on a permanent or temporary basis, depending on their needs.

“For us, all matters are important, and we always approach the problems of our clients individually. The satisfaction and trust of our clients is our most important goal.” – said legal adviser Krzysztof Niedzwiedski – partner of BK Consulting

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